I only see a black or white screen

New Faith Network suddenly stopped working?

Fortunately, we have several solutions! 

  1. You can empty your cache! The cache of your browser has reached its maximum, therefor the screen can't be loaded properly. 
  2. Delete your cookies using Firefox 67+. If the cache is full it sometimes places the content in a cookie. It's a well-known bug which will be solved by Mozilla in the near future. In the meantime you can solve this problem by deleting the cookies.
  3. Switch off your AdBlocker. Many users added an AdBlocker, for add-free browsing. This interferes with the use of our service, hence the black- or white screen.
  4. Try turning off the device entirely and try turning it back on again.


Our advice: set up Google Chrome as your standard browser

We would like to recommend  Google Chrome Chrome and set it as your standard browser on your smartphone, tablet, iPhone or iPad.

The steps to set up Google Chrome as your standard browser are as follows: 

  1. Go to Google settings on your Android-device on one of these locations (depending on your device): Open the app settings of your device. Scroll down and open Google.
  2. Open a separate app named Google Settings Google Instellingen.
  3. Click on Apps.
  4. Open your standard-apps:
  5. Click settings in the right corner Instellingen. Under Standard click on the Browser-app.
  6. Click Advanced en vervolgens Standardapps en vervolgens Browser-app.
  7. Click Chrome Chrome.

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