Why do I have to pay 0.03GBP/0.02EUR/0.04 AUD/0.04 NZD to start my free trial period?

When you want to create an account for New Faith Network, we require you to carry out a transaction of 0.03GBP/0.02 EUR/ 0.04 AUD / 0.04 NZD. This applies to the free trial period as well. This is a verification transaction to ensure that you are the owner of the bankaccount you enter, to prevent fraud as much as possible.

Carrying out a verification transaction will provide New Faith Network with the information needed to initiate an automatic collection.

In addition, you will give New Faith Network permission to charge the chosen membership plan, as stated during your registration.

You can cancel your subscription to New Faith Network at any time. When you cancel within your 14 day free trial, no money will be debited. 

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