Can I save or download the videos of New Faith Network?

If you have an active premium account,  you will be able to download a selection of our films and series. After downloading these on your device you will also be able to watch these while not connected to the internet. 

To download a movie, select the movie and then select the download button which is a downward arrow

After this you will see a loading circle, when the circle is complete it will turn into a checkmark, the download has been completed. 

You can find your download by clicking on the downward arrow at the bottom of your screen. 

When you download a movie it will be available for you offline for 30 days, until we remove the movie from New Faith Network or your subscription comes to an end. 

You are also able to delete the downloaded content, you can either use the delete button that is next to the movie. However there also is an option to delete all content from your device at once, you are able to locate this delete all button in the settings section on the app. 

Disclaimer: not all movies will be available to download, this has to do with the licensing and rights of our content. 

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